Get A Grip Of How To Clean Velvet Shoes Right Now

Velvet shoes are like beautiful desserts for a fancy dinner. They are fashionable, glamorous, and fascinating. Imagine yourself in a vintage outfit, would it be perfect if you don’t own a pair of velvet shoes. However, as beautiful as they are, the material is easy to get dirty and hard to wash.

How To Clean Velvet Shoes

How To Clean Velvet Shoes

If you have been suffered headache finding how to clean velvet shoes, you will find the answer here. Let’s change your expensive footwear back to its flawless beauty. However, be quick, because if you let the dirt stay for a long time on your shoes, high chances it will become permanent.

Required Tools and Substances for Velvet Shoes Cleaning

Before learning how to clean velvet shoes, grab for yourself something below:

  • A soft shoe brush
  • Mild dish soap
  • Used toothbrush with soft bristles
  • Upholstery cleaner
  • A damp cloth

Have you gathered all of the materials? Great, now it’s high time we learned how to clean velvet shoes, bring them back to their prime.

Guides for Velvet Shoes Cleaning

Regular Cleaning

You shouldn’t wait until your shoes are stained to start cleaning. Cleaning them as a routine will help keep the material in its best condition. After coming home from a fancy party with your velvet shoes on, checking for any stains and dirt. Use a soft brush to remove any dust or small attached objects.

Dust may seem harmless when there are only a little of it. But if you don’t make brushing you velvet shoes a habit, it will accumulate then become a more severe problem.

Washing Stains Away

If there is any stain detected on your velvet shoes, don’t put them in the washing machine or resort to some drastic measures. Due to the delicate feature of the material, we must treat them as gently as possible.

At first, try to rub the dirt off using the shoe brush. When it doesn’t work, dissolve some dish soap with warm water. Using an old toothbrush with soft bristles to stir up the liquid mixture to get a small amount of suds.

Rub the toothbrush slightly against the stained spots on the velvet. Remember to do the task gently, don’t mess with the tiny bristles of the fabric. Leave the shoes with the soap on it for about five minutes. After that, use the prepared soft cloth to wipe the cleaning solution away.

Most of the time, it is enough to get rid of any dirt on the material. If the stain remains after the velvet dries, you may follow the guide again.

Notable Advises

While cleaning your velvet shoes, try to apply on the fabric as little liquid as possible. Too much water staying on the velvet may leave a permanent mark that you cannot wash away. Pouring the detergent directly on the delicate material is also a no-no. You don’t want your shoes to lose their color, do you?

If you happen to let any excess water drip onto the velvet, you should use a clean, dry cloth to wipe it away as quickly as possible.

Don’t wear your velvet shoes for a walk on a rainy day or days after it. What if you step in a puddle and ruin the expensive material? If you have to go out for an event in those days, you can put the fancy footwear in a plastic bag and carry it to the spot. You can change the shoes in the restroom instead of risking them on the street.

Protecting Your Velvet Shoes

Anybody should have a pair of velvet shoes to match with their romantic vintage outfits. Due to their delicate, vulnerable features, owning the kind of footwear means you have to invest in protecting them.

One advice comes from fashionistas around the world is that you should spray your expensive velvet shoes with protective upholstery cleaner. The substance will keep dirt and stains at bay. Try it, and you will see the effect next time you go back home wearing the footwear.

The special cleaner’s effect is also impressive when you use it to clean persistent stains on the velvet. Spray it directly onto the stains, blot away any excess fluid on it and leave the shoes with the substance on for a while. After about 20 minutes, check to see how well the cleaning solution works.

However, there are also such stubborn kinds of dirt that call for the help of the professional. If it is the case, take your shoes to a trustful velvet cleaner to deal with the problems.


After reading all the tips above, you must have gathered some information for yourself about how to clean velvet shoes. Don’t be hesitant to share the article with your friends if they are facing the same trouble. May the wisdom bless our glamorous footwear.

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