How to Clean Vans Shoes (Valuable Tips for Life)

Owing to their beneficial features, it is not strange that canvas sneakers are essential items in our closets. They are classic, comfortable, durable, and fashionable. Of all the brands, Vans is a prevalent one in the world as well as the favorite one of many people.

How to Clean Vans Shoes

How to Clean Vans Shoes

In this article, I will instruct you how to clean and keep your Vans shoes at its best condition. Colored Vans is more accessible to dry than white ones, but don’t worry, we have tips for all the situations.

How to clean colored Vans

You can clean the shoes with a washing machine. Though the process is quite simple, make sure you follow all the steps strictly and avoid any mistakes. If something goes wrong, your shoes may lose their shape, cushion, or support.

  • Use a shoe brush to rub off any stiffened dirt
  • Remove shoelaces and insoles
  • Put the shoes in a laundry bag
  • Load the washing machine with your Vans and some towels of the similar color along. They will help keep the shoes balanced and avoid shape losing.
  • Set the wash with mild detergent, warm water and gentle cycle
  • After washing, place your Vans in a well-ventilated spot to let it dry naturally
  • Lightly stuff the shoes with white paper to keep them in shape. Don’t use newspapers if you don’t want your socks stained by ink later.

How to clean white Vans

Of course, you may wash your white shoes in a washing machine, too. However, dirt and stains on the white fabric are often more difficult to remove. You can as well use the guide below for colored Vans if you think the mud on them are too stubborn for the washing machine to handle.

Using the bleach or too high duty detergent may work, but the bleach also may cause your white shoes to change color. Moreover, your skin will feel irritated wearing something soaked in the substances. And, remember, you never should wash colored shoes with bleach, or else you won’t recognize them.

Therefore, knowing how to clean vans shoes by hand is essential, especially when you have a pair of white ones.

  • The conventional method

You should wash your vans with warm water instead of cold one since it is easier to remove the dirt. Pour a little mild, liquid detergent in and stir so that it dissolves well.

Wash your shoes with an old toothbrush. Scrub the fabric gently at first, then more intensely at stained spots on the Vans. Rinse them thoroughly under a running water tap. Then, wrap your cleaned shoes in a towel to absorb excess water. Let them dry naturally, avoid direct sunlight.

  • Using nail polish

Detergent can be useful when it comes to dirt, mud, or scuffs. However, when you cope something more stubborn like grease or oil, nail polish will prove its outstanding power.

Use a cotton swab to take some nail polish. Rub it onto the persistent stain for a while; the unpleasant spot will disappear.

  • Another usage of baking soda

Baking soda is more impressive than you think in cleaning. To keep your Vans white and bright, mix a tablespoon of baking soda with water and stir until it settles as a paste. Use an old toothbrush to apply the mixture inside and outside the shoes. Do it gently in small circles.

After the step, remove the past with a damp cloth and dry them as usual. Don’t submerge your shoes in water. Lemon juice can be a great alternative if you don’t have any baking soda in your cabinets. The only difference is that you should use a sponge instead of a brush.

  • Toothpaste is not only for teeth

Toothpaste may come in handy in the situation. Use it the same way I have told you to handle the paste made from baking soda.
However, not every kind of toothpaste is usable. Make sure you have chosen white, uncolored one. You don’t to have green or blue stripes on your shoes, do you?

Keeping your Vans at its prime

You cannot keep your shoes clean all the time unless you plan to wear them indoor only. And even though, no one can be sure. However, we have tips to maintain the color of our shoes, especially white ones.

There are plenty of shoe protection products in stores and supermarkets. I prefer using protection spray on my white Vans. Dirt will no more easily get on your shoes.

Talcum powder is also an essential tool to help protect the color of your shoes. You can apply them using an old, dry nail brush. And remember, when you go out on a rainy day, don’t wear white Vans at any cost.


Since you fell in love with the bright, colorful of Vans, you have known that the only way to keep them at their prime is to prevent them from mud and stains. The task requires attention and carefulness.

Now you have known how to clean Vans shoes. It is pretty easy, using only common substances and tools. If you find the instructions helpful, tell your friend or share the post with them. Our beautiful Vans deserve proper care and love.

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