Don’t Know How to Clean Tennis Shoes? Your Problem is Solved

Even though you don’t play tennis or any sports, you should own at least one pair of the tennis shoes. The item is versatile, fashionable, easy-to-match with many styles of clothes. If you are considering how to clean tennis shoes, you have come to the right place.

How to Clean Tennis Shoes

How to Clean Tennis Shoes

Just like other types of shoes, tennis ones need washing now and then. Fortunately, they are pretty easy to clean, given you follow all the steps below.

Step 1: Remove mud clumps and solid dirt

Before using any detergent or soap, you should remove the stiffened dirt on the shoes with a brush. You will need a discarded newspaper to keep your floor from the removed mud.

As for the soles of the shoes, where it is hard to remove dirt using a brush, you can carefully utilize a knife with a flat blade of a pair of tweezers. After that, put your tennis shoes under the running water tap to get rid of the loose mud.

Step 2: Remove the laces and insoles

I am a big fan of bright shoelaces, so my laces are usually the dirtiest part of the shoe. Therefore, the laces need cleaning by hand, or else, replacing because they do not cost so much.

The insoles, besides, are especially smelly even though you do not have foot smell issue. We should handle them separately. I recommend using baking soda to get rid of the unpleasant smell.

Dissolve a tbsp of baking soda into a cup of water and use the mixture to wipe the insoles. The shoes are also quicker to dry when you separate it from laces and insoles. Remember the step before adequately cleaning your tennis shoes.

Step 3: Clean Your Shoes

Typically, you can wash most of the tennis shoes in a washing machine; regardless they are made of leather or fabric. If you want to be more careful, read the instruction provided by the manufacturer for more information. In the article, I will show you how to clean tennis shoes both with the machine and by hand.

  • How to clean tennis shoes with a washing machine

Before putting the shoes in the machine, use a laundry bag to cover the shoes. You should wash yours along with a load of towels, which has the same color as your shoes’. The action will help maintain the bulk of the shoes, keep it balanced. To be more careful, select the low washing speed.

Washing tennis shoes require warm water and heavy duty detergent. I prefer Tide when it comes to shoes. Gentler substances may result in stubborn stains staying after being washed.

  • How to clean tennis shoes by hand

Sometimes, even when the manufacturer has told that it is okay to wash your shoes by machine, you still want to make sure nothing unexpected can damage them. New and pricey shoes deserve the treatment.

Firstly, dissolve some drops of liquid detergent and a tbsp of baking soda into the water until they settle as a paste. Apply it on the inside of your shoes. The mixture is effective in cleaning the part and remove unpleasant odor.

Second, soak your shoes in detergent-dissolved water. A little Mr. Clean Magic Eraser may come in handy when you wash the midsoles, especially when the parts are white.

Finally, wash the rest of the shoes using a soft bristled brush. An old toothbrush can work very well and save you money. Get rid of the remaining soap when you have done.

Step 4: Dry the tennis shoes

Putting your shoes in a clothes dryer sounds like a good idea. However, heat can damage your shoes the way you never want. To prevent them from losing their shape, support, and cushioning, you should let them dry naturally.

Choose a well-ventilated spot to let your shoes dry. One tip is that you should put a white cotton towel or a bunch of soft, white paper inside the shoes to save them from color transfer and shape losing.

Be careful with leather shoes. They are vulnerable when put under the direct sunlight. The leather may get too dry and crack. When it comes to sunlight, canvas shoes are more durable.

Step 5: Perfect your shoes

When your leather shoes are dry, some shoe polish may come in handy to spruce it up. If you happen not to have the right colored polish, a permanent marker will be helpful in concealing some unpleasant scuffs.

Next time you come to the supermarket, make sure to pick a bottle of leather conditioner to perfect your shoes and prevent them from cracking. There are also fabric protection spays available for your convenience if your shoes are all canvas.

Step 6: Last but not least, disinfect your shoes

It is not the final step of the cleaning process. However, if you want to know how to get rid of bacteria and fungus in your shoes ultimately, the part may help. When mixing detergent into water to clean the tennis shoes, drop in some pine oil or phenolic disinfectants

If you are concerned about bacteria and athlete’s foot fungus, you should disinfect your shoes while washing them. Then, clean your shoes as usual. The substances will destroy any bacteria and foot fungus in the shoes. Remember to disinfect your socks and gym bag as well. Otherwise, those wicked organisms will invade your clean shoes.


Dirty tennis shoes can be a hassle sometimes, but now you won’t have to worry about them anymore. Follow the steps to protect your favorite item and share the tips with your friend if you find them valuable.

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