Go Over How To Clean Mesh Shoes The Most Effectively

The mesh shoes are one of the trendy sneakers nowadays. They often have many different colors and styles. Accordingly, a large number people enjoy wearing them.

How to Clean Mesh Shoes

How to Clean Mesh Shoes

Nonetheless, the mesh shoes are not easy to clean. Most wearers recognize the difficulty when cleaning. So, there are the more simple ways, aren’t there? To know how to clean mesh shoes, go on reading our article below. Let’s see!!!

How to Clean Mesh Shoes at Home

You will take more time in order to clean a couple of mesh shoes in case you do not know how to clean them. Let’s feel secure! With these steps, everything will become simpler and easier than ever before.

1, Clean from the First Day

When you start wearing the mesh shoes, the maintenance must be done at that time. Taking a specific example, when running or jogging, you ought to bring a white handkerchief or an eraser to clean your shoes in case you rest.

With an eraser, you directly rub it on the dirt area and then blow off it. You can do this one when you take a rest. By this way, you will not take more time to clean after finishing your trip.
Inevitably, if you have intended to clean while moving, a good suggestion for you will be a Tide-to-Go pen. By using a shoe-cleaning wipe, you may remove the stains in an easy way from your mesh shoes.

On the other hand, do you want something that is more complicated? Well, you likely try the magic eraser, Mr. Clean, for example. If your mesh shoes are white, either scuff marks or dirt will quickly get removed.

2, Utilize the Bristled Toothbrush

In this step, you need to remove the light soil under the shoe sole, by using the bristle brush. If the dirt stick on the top of your shoes, you can also use it to clean the surface of the mesh.
Now, prepare 3 cups of water and warm in your oven. Continuously, add 1 tsp. of soap and stir until appearing foam. Dip the prepared toothbrush into the soap mixture. Apply on the dirt areas.
Let’s consult the video below to clean your mesh shoes in a right way.

3, Apply the Lukewarm Water

In this step, you will continue cleaning your mesh shoes, by soaking them in the lukewarm water after removing the lace. You need to soak them until you recognize that the dirt is almost removed.
Don’t forget to change other water once an amount of the dirt from your shoes are large.

4, If Necessary, Be Able to Utilize Vinegar

After step #3, you still recognize the stains on your shoes or the mesh section that turn colored. At that time, let apply this step – using the vinegar. You will directly spray the vinegar on the discolored areas after drying under the sun for more 40 minutes. The combination of the vinegar with the sun rays will make your mesh shoes look like new.

5, Use the Laundry Detergent

With the laces, you can utilize the laundry detergent to clean them. Before laundering, you must damp them into the prepared detergent and use a delicate bag to place them in there. Let air dry the laces. It makes sure that the whole areas of the laces are completely dried before putting them back your shoes.

6, Clean the Remaining Dirt with the Stain Remover

We do not stop to clean a part of the shoes. The initial purpose is the whole shoes. Consequently, in case your shoes are still grimy, you need to use the effective stain remover in order to mist your mesh shoes. The first, to ensure that your shoes got damped, utilize the stain lifter. Then, use a bristle brush/ toothbrush and scrub on the surface of your shoes so that both the surface and sole completely clean as new.

7, Dry Your Mesh Shoes in a Right Way

How to dry your shoes? How long does it take in order that your shoes entirely dry? To dry quickly and properly, it recommends to utilizing the paper towel, by stuffing them in your shoes and leaving within several hours.

If the weather is in summer, you can let your shoes dry, by hanging them outside.


  • To avoid the difficulties when handling the tough stains, remember to clean your mesh shoes in a regular way.
  • If you are wearing a couple of white mesh shoes, store in a cool and safe position to prevent the dust as well as the dirt. When you do not wear them, store in a box.
  • Let dry completely, then, wear. Like that, it will not cause the odor and create the condition for the bacteria.
  • Sometimes, you should also dry your shoes under the sun though you are not cleaning them. Simply, this is to prevent the odor and the bacteria grew.
  • One of the products with the ability to remove the tough dirt is a melamine foam eraser. Or even, a stain lifter is not bad.
  • Don’t forget to clean the sole, where the bacteria is easy to grow. Of course, you must clean it separately and dry properly.

Last Words

How? Have you known how to clean mesh shoes? Yes, it is not as difficult as you though, right? With these 7 steps, you can clean any mesh shoes though there are white shoes. Importantly, you must clean regularly and handle the stains as soon as you see so as to avoid them to become a tough stain. The nice and clean shoes will make you more confident. Good luck!!!

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