How to Clean Gym Shoes (The Ultimate Secrets)

In the busy society nowadays, doing exercise in a gym is the excellent and efficient way to keep healthy, and a pair of good gym shoes is an indispensable tool to have a perfect workout.

How to Clean Gym Shoes

How to Clean Gym Shoes

Because this is a daily activity, the majority of people invest in the specialized gym shoes. Therefore, it’s essential for you to keep it clean always. Fortunately, cleaning your gym shoes is a quite easy task with a washing machine. However, before throwing them in the model and choose the correct setting, there are some steps you need to follow. Below I will show you how to clean gym shoes:

What You Need to Follow My Guide

To save time and maximize your effort, you ought to prepare the following things:

  • Dirty gym shoes: This is a must _ the reason why I write this post for you
  • An old rag or cloth, linens: The old rag is used to wipe off excess dirt, and for clothes with linens, you should prepare these to make a soft washing environment, minimizing clunking sounds as much as possible
  • Baking soda: your insoles need to be soaked and brushed with this
  • Liquid detergent: this is a must-use when using the washing machine
  • Newspaper: (if needed) it both helps your gym shoes soak up the moisture and keep in the original shape

The Detailed Instruction on How to Clean Gym Shoes

Wash the insoles and shoelaces separate:

Before putting your shoes into a washing machine, make sure these parts aren’t inside. You should wash insoles separate with baking soda as most of them sitting overnight are smelly. When it comes to removing the shoelaces, this helps you clean both the eyelets and shoelaces easier since they are freely exposed to the washing mixture. Remember to put laces into a mesh bag to keep them away from being tangled.

Pretreat bad stains and excess dirt in advance:

Wipe off excess dirt, if your shoes are too dirty. Or your washing machine may become a home of grass and gross dirt. Typically, people will use an old rag, but you need bang your shoes up against to get rid of crusted dirt. For heavy soiled areas, spray the stain remover on these areas before washing.

Check whether or not your gym shoes are machine-washable:

Depend on the material of each different model, your gym shoes can be machine-washable or not. For example, your leather gym shoes can be ruined by washing with water. Thus, it’s better to clean these by hand.

Use your washing machine:

Create a soothing environment inside the washing machine for your gym shoes by putting them with the support of old towels or linens together. This lessens clunking sounds when the washer works.

Don’t forget to pour liquid detergent before pressing the “ON” button. You can apply the amount of detergent as usual, but the most important is that it had better in liquid form because powdered products can stick to the inside.

Select the moderate washing level and cold water. The mild washing level reduces the numbers of cycles, so they also bang together lesser. Meanwhile, cold water can keep your gym shoes away from shrinkage.

Dry your gym shoes:

Drying is also an essential process on how to clean gym shoes. So, take your shoes and shoelaces out the washer as long as the washing cycle finishes to air dry in an open space. If not, they will be moldy.

I don’t highly recommend the use of dryer because applying high heat can result in misshapenness or disintegrated glue. Your gym shoes also can shrink under the direct sunlight. In case you don’t want to wait overnight, you can put them in front of a fan, air vent or dehumidifier to speed up the drying process.

Deal with the insoles and shoelaces:

As mentioned, you have to soak the insoles in baking soda from the first steps. At this period, take them out, shake off, and brush with baking soda with a soft-bristled brush.

After they are completely dried, just re-lace shoelaces and re-put the insoles. Finally, you have a pair of newly cleaned gym shoes.

Pro Tips:

  • Wash your shoes every 6 months, not too frequently.
  • Too much detergent just leads to residue on your gym shoes, not makes them cleaner.
  • Inserting newspaper inside your shoes is also a great way to soak up the moisture. Moreover, these newspapers will keep your shoes in the original shape.

The Bottom Line:

Like you, I am also a regular member of a gymnasium, so gym shoes are a worthy investment to me. That’s why I shared a quick guide on how to clean gym shoes for you. Do you think it’s informative? To make everything easier and shorter, after preparing the essential items, let’s you:

  • Air dry your shoes.
  • Separate insoles and shoelaces to wash.
  • Re-lace shoelaces and re-insert the insoles.
  • Check if they are machine-washable or not.
  • Pretreat bad stains and excess dirt before throwing your gym shoes into the washer.
  • Put them and pour liquid detergent in the washing machine with the gentle cycle and cold water options.


Hope this guide can help you deal with your dirty and smelly gym shoes. Let me know your result by leaving a comment below.

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