How to Clean Cork Shoes (Step by Step Instructions)

Cork is known as a versatile natural material as well as an environmentally friendly renewable one that is used for lots of things in life from making bulletin boards to wine cork stoppers. And in making shoes, its usefulness truly shines through. The shoes that contain cork insoles mightsoften your feet and absorb the impact from walking. That’s why having a pair of cork shoes brings not only a comfortable feeling to wear but also a sturdy guarantee, especially when they’re accurately cared for.

How to Clean Cork Shoes

How to Clean Cork Shoes

So, to know more information about these shoes such as how to clean cork shoes if they become soiled or how to maintain it to avoid any damages, below is a little care that you can easily carry out in order to receivethe good and wearable condition.

How to Clean Cork Wedge Heels

The cork wedge heels are one of the most favorite shoes that most women love wearing to get an attractive and sexy leg. They’re perfectly combined with any clothes from sophisticated dresses to ripped jeans. And if your cork heels get soiled, don’t worry too much because we will guide you how to clean it.

  • Step 1

Mix ½ gallon of lukewarm water with five drops of the mild detergent. You should choose the nontoxic one to prevent any chemicals from damaging your shoes. Continue adding ½ cup of white vinegar and stir evenly, not make this mixture bubble.

  • Step 2

Dip a cloth in the mixture and scrub the shoe’s surface to remove as much dirt and grime as possible. This action also helps to preserve the cork shoes’ durability.

  • Step 3

Damp a brush, not dip it in the mixture and then perform a gentle and circular scrubbing motion. Remember to rinse the brush frequently to avoid smearing dirt around on the cork heels. To smaller areas, you should use an old toothbrush to reach with ease.

  • Step 4

Do again if grime or discoloration on the shoes still remains, but not more than twice because you might break the cork. When the shoes look clean, you can wipe down them with another clean cloth to get away all suds and soap residue. Or dip the cloth in the clean and lukewarm water to scrub better. Don’t rinse the shoes because you might wash the cleaning mixture.

  • Step 5

Let the cork shoes dry a full day or more. Then sand them until you’ve buffed off the surface. For heavy stains that didn’t come out after using the cleaning mixture, you should avail a heavy pressure or sand repeatedly in the same place.

How to Clean Cork-Soled Shoes

The cork soles of the shoes are known as a natural footbed which helps your foot breath as well as permitting air flow to cool your feet. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining the cork soles are also important like dealing with the cork heels. The cork-soled shoes are usually built up with dirt, debris, and oil. Make sure you clean them routinely to extend the life of your cork shoes.

  • Step 1

Take a dry rag and wipe out the cork soles your shoes gently in order to remove dirt and debris from the cork. Remember to do a light touch to avoid tearing the cork.

  • Step 2

Dip the rag in water and squeeze the excess water out. Leave it damp a bit before wiping down the interior shoes. Use a circular motion to clean all places of the cork until there are no more debris, oil, and dirt. Don’t forget to rinse the rag frequently to avoid spreading over the dirt.

  • Step 3

Take an old soft-bristle toothbrush and wet it with clean water. Or you can try making a mixture of 2 tablespoons of water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda. Gently rub tough patches of debris and oil which are found along the cork sole. Repeat it if you still see dirt. Later, use the damp rag to clean the cork sole again.

  • Step 4

Let the cork soles of the shoes airdry. And try applying a thin layer of cork sealer if you have to prevent the heat from the sun.

Tips to Maintain The Cork Shoes

Aside from learning how to clean cork shoes, you also know some tips about protection and maintenance in such a way you are able to prolong the durability of your shoes.

  • Use cork sealant

Your new cork shoes already have a fine coating of sealant in order to keep the uncovered cork from drying out. In case the cork no longer looks polished, you need to apply another thin covering of a flexible sealant material. And keep in mind to perform periodically.

  • Prevent extreme heat

Most of the cork-soled shoes are flexible, durable, lightweight and shock absorbent. However, both the cork and soles might be damaged by the risk of extra heat. So, never put your shoes near fireplaces or radiators or leave them in a closed car on a hot day.

In case your cork soles are worn or damaged, you can ask the retailer for assistance.

  • Get smell out of the cork shoes

Deodorizing the smell is known one of the necessary ways to maintain the life of your shoes. Try making a paste with Borax to get the cork shoes less smelly. Add about ten drops of water together with 60ml Borax to bring the thick paste.

Then use the soft and damp brush to rub the cork’s surface with the Borax paste. Rinse the paste off and dry it with a clean cloth. Continue repeating this process and let the paste dry on the cork overnight. Finally, wipe off again before wearing.

In summary

Reading from the beginning to end helps you get a clear vision of how to clean cork shoes easily and effectively. No matter which areas on your shoes become soiled, inside or outside, this article shows in detail. Furthermore, it introduces a couple of useful tips for prolonging the life of your shoes.

What you should do now is to follow these above steps and then receive good results for your favorite cork shoes. Wish you succeed!

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