How to Clean Climbing Shoes (Ultimate Guide for Climbers)

Climbing is a favorite activity for many people, but these adventures also put players in danger, so most of the climbers invest in the best pair. However, not everyone knows that maintenance is even more important than owning an expensive product and the need on how to clean climbing shoes is also higher.

How to Clean Climbing Shoes

How to Clean Climbing Shoes

Even you buy the best-quality pair of climbing shoes, cleaning them regularly is a must to keep them in the tip-top condition over time. The cleaning process is important and essential, but it doesn’t include complicated steps just continue reading my post to know how to do that quickly:

Equipment and Products You Will Need to Perform This Work

If you want to clean your climbing shoes quickly and successfully, make sure the followings are available before performing:

  • Warm water: you will need this to use it only or combine with a type of light detergent for a washing mixture.
  • Toothbrush: this is a tool to apply the washing mixture on the surface of your shoes
  • Newspaper: when cleaning any shoes, you also need this to keep the shoes in the tip-top shape
  • Old cloth: this is also a tool which is used to dip with water for cleaning the shoes
  • Hard brush: you will need this to remove dirt from the soles
  • Stick: in case mud is hardened, you will need the support of stick
  • Antibacterial spray, a deodorizer, hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil: these can remove smell from your shoes

The Detailed Guide on How to Clean Climbing Shoes

Clean Your Shoes:

Before anything else, soak your climbing shoes in water only in a while. After that, use a toothbrush to apply the mixture of warm water and light detergent on both the outside and the inside of your shoes. For hard-to-clean areas, you may need to scrub with a little bit extra detergent.

Finally, rinse detergent residue on the surface of your shoes completely. Before air-drying in a cool environment, insert newspaper inside to keep their original shape or you can put your clean feet inside to protect them away shrinking.

Get Rid of Dirt from Your Soles:

Soles are parts which hard to clean compared to others, especially with hardened mud. Thus, you have to spend more time and effort for this step. First of all, shake vigorously your shoes to take a large amount of dirt out which helps the next step become more effortless. A cloth dipped lukewarm water can clean the inside of your shoes which is a home of salt made from your perspiration.
When it comes to the outsole, a hard brush can remove mud and dirt which are softened by water easily. For harder areas, I highly recommend you the use of the stick. You have to dry your climbing shoes at room temperature instead of leaving it under the sun directly.

Remove The Terrible Smell:

Dirt and mud are not only things you must clean. Odor in climbing shoes may be the thing which any climbers want to remove it first and it is also an important problem in how to clean climbing shoes.

You can use an antibacterial spray or a deodorizer to make your shoes smell fresher. Or let you try to make at home these: pouring hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle for a mixture (after spraying, let it dry in a while), applying tea tree oil which both removes the terrible smell and prevents fungal infections.

Pro Tips

  • To enhance the grip level of your soles, you just need to rub with sandpaper.
  • Change new soles if they are prone to wear out.
  • Before cleaning, you must check instruction of the manufacturer in advance because a few types of materials will be harm with certain cleaners.
  • Remove shoelaces out your shoes before cleaning.
  • After drying completely, you should spray Lysol or a kind of disinfectant to control germ and add odor.
  • Climbing shoes can’t stand heavy detergents.
  • Don’t directly throw your pair of shoes into dishwasher or washing machine.
  • You had better invest in a pair of climbing shoes made from waterproofing material which helps you lessen the effort when cleaning.
  • After every climbing trip, remember to air-dry your shoes to create space to breathe and dissipate foul smell as well as store them properly.
  • Before every climb, remember to apply foot powder.
  • This is just an advice that you should clean lightly your shoes anytime they look dirty.
  • The climbing shoes made from natural materials like leather, cotton, and hemp can lessen stink compared to synthetic materials.
  • Many people think that wearing socks will increase slip inside in tandem decrease their performance but it works well in lessening the smell.
  • Storing your climbing shoes in a freezer can’t kill all smell-causing bacteria entirely, but at least this action can prevent their development.

The Bottom Line

In place of purchasing 2-3 pair of climbing shoes every year, know how to clean climbing shoes can last its lifespan and maximize its functionality. Whether you participate in a climbing activity in the gym or outside, my guide above can also give you more or less something new and useful.

Is my post helpful? Can it help you solve your dirty climbing shoes? Please let me know your question about this problem below and share with your loved ones if you feel it’s informative.

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