Bring in How to Clean Cheer Shoes Simply and Effectively

Are you a cheerleader? It is certain that a pair of cheer shoes is very important to you because they are an essential support when you stand on the squad. So, you cannot ignore the care of them.

How to Clean Cheer Shoes

How to Clean Cheer Shoes

Nevertheless, you can meet a bit difficult when cleaning your cheer shoes as they are white. What should I do? Don’t worry! Follow how to clean cheer shoes in this article, your shoes will quickly become white and clean. Let’s see!

How to Clean Cheer Shoes the Best Ever

What You’ll Need

  • Bleach
  • Toothpaste
  • New toothbrush
  • Old towel
  • Clean rag
  • A little water (fully pour in a bowl)
  • Rubber gloves

Step by Step to Clean

  • Define the cleaning area

It is necessary to prepare a cleaning area, where allows you to easily clean your shoes. You can comfortably place the cleaning materials and do not have to worry about the dirt during the hygiene process.

  • Prepare the cleaning materials

As listed above, take all that you will need, including, the bleach, toothpaste, new toothbrush, old towel, clean rag, a bowl poured a little water, and rubber gloves. Remember to place them beside you so that you are likely easy to use.

  • Cleaning your cheer shoes, by brushing

Dip the prepared toothbrush into a bowl filled with water. Then, add a bit of toothpaste to that brush. Start to scrub on the surface of your shoes in the circular motion. For the normal stains, you should only use the minimal pressure. On the contrary, increase the pressure to deal with the tough stains.

But, to make sure the pressure that is enough while cleaning, put four your fingers within the shoes, accept, the thumb in order to hold it. Finish brushing your shoes. Continue using the rag. Dip it in the initial bowl containing water to wipe away the excess of the toothpaste. At once, to clean further.

  • Apply the bleach

In this step, you will continuously remove the stains from the using cheer shoes that you can clean in the step #3. The brush coming with toothpaste cannot make these stains disappear. So, you can only use bleach, which is a proper option in this case, by combining the household bleach and water.

A good rate for you is a tbsp. of bleach with ¼ water. Because this is a chemical solution, you need to wear something that can protect your hand. It’s high time to use the rubber gloves prepared before. Still, apply the same techniques. Dip the brush into the mixture, including, the bleach and water. Scrub in the circular motion. Remember to clean each of the parts.

To ensure the optimal cleaning, recommend to cleaning each section one more. And don’t forget to wipe away the parts after each clean, especially, the area with more stains. When seeing the brown mixture, you should prepare a new one to avoid making your shoes due to the no-clean solution.

  • Store your cheer shoes

Last but not least, there is to store your cheer shoes. You spend your time and force to clean them, so it is certain that you do not desire to be dirt them owing to storing improperly.

Frequently, our habit is to toss all things into the bag when going out, consisting of the shoes. Nonetheless, this one can damage to your cheer shoes. Your bag often involves many personal things such as pens, lipstick, books,… Unfortunately, the lipstick is broken. Oh! No! Your shoes will get dirty.

If you do not want this case to occur, apart from placing in a specific compartment of the shoes, you should store in a ziplock bag before placing in your bag. In some cases, for the prestigious brands, Nfinity, for example, it has provided a case coming with the product. If your shoes do not have, you can buy one.

Some Tips When Cleaning and Maintaining the Cheer Shoes

To maintain your cheer shoes in the clean condition, follow some tips below right now.

  • If you are not taking part in the practices and performances, you should avoid wearing the cheer shoes. After finishing your performance, you ought to remove them and place back the bag, instead of wearing them back home.
  • Prepare another pair so that you change your cheer shoes before and after the performance. Aside from preventing them from contacting with the rough surface, it still contributes to lasting its lifespan.
  • Wipe away the toothpaste as well as the bleach after applying. Don’t leave too long because they will damage your shoes.
  • When using bleach, don’t apply to the colored section.
  • Though you can dry your cheer shoes under the sun, you don’t dry, by applying a cloth line to place or hang. The shape of your shoes will be damaged.
  • Clean your shoes as soon as they get dirty. Use the dampened cloth.
  • Don’t use the colored cloth to clean the cheer shoes because your shoes can get colored when you rub them.


How? Now, cleaning a pair of cheer shoes is simpler than before, right? You will not have to repeat the question: how to clean cheer shoes again. In addition to the cleaning steps you need to follow, you should also consider the tips in a careful way to make sure the maintenance and the life of your cheer shoes. A nice pair of shoes will make you perform more confident, won’t it?

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