How to Clean Basketball Shoes – What Easy to Do!

Your basketball shoes are the expensive brand. No, they are only a pair of shoes that are bought at the discount stores. Anyway, they also get dirty and need to be cleaned.

How to Clean Basketball Shoes

How to Clean Basketball Shoes

Apart from washing your shoes, how to clean basketball shoes? Can you use the washing machine to clean them? All answers are here. Go on reading our article to know more.

Go Over How to Clean Basketball Shoes Effectively

Clean by Hand

  • Clean the stains right away

Avoid leaving the stains after several hours, then, clean. Like that, you will meet difficult to remove them. When seeing dust or dirt on your shoes, let clean right away as possible.

Nonetheless, there is an exception. If your shoes are made from the absorbent materials, suede, mesh, or canvas, for example, let the stains dry. Use a stiff brush to remove. In case you immediately clean the mud, they will smear further.

  • Wipe or brush away debris on the surface

With the dried stains or mud, utilize a shoe brush/ toothbrush to handle them. Inevitably, if these stains are not completely dry, apply a dampened cloth.

  • Make a cleaning solution

Pour a little warm water in a bowl. Drop the dish soap (some drops) and start swishing it until they become bubbly.

However, two objects need to pay attention. The first, don’t use the harsh chemicals, cleaner, or detergents. Remember to remove the shoelaces before applying the solution. You can also use that solution to clean the shoelaces.

  • Use a dampened cloth to wipe your shoes

Instead of soaking, just need to wet the cloth or brush a bit and then wipe your shoes. Use a bit of the strength to remove the stains from the seams.

To handle the tough stains, add a little white toothpaste to the moisturized cloth after moving in the circular motion.

  • Use a clean cloth to remove the soap residue

As mentioned, absolutely don’t place your shoes under a faucet to wash. To wipe away the soapy water, take a cloth and dampen it.

  • Dry your shoes

If the moisture on your shoe surface is not more, you only need to wipe them with a soft clean cloth and place them in a cool position.

Say no to a radiator, clothes dryer, and hair dryer if you do not want your shoes to get shrunk or cracked. Inside your shoes, to dry, place a couple of newspaper.

  • Store your shoes

After it makes sure that your shoes are entirely dried, take out the newspapers insides. You can place your basketball shoes into your compartment for shoes. With an expensive pair of shoes, place them in the big ziplock bags and add the desiccant packets, then, sealing.

Clean Your Shoe Components

  • Clean the stained soles

To remove the stains under the soles of your shoes, the first, use a stiff brush to take out dirt. Then, prepare a toothbrush and add white toothpaste a bit to there. Continuously, create a cleaning solution, including, the warm water and dish soap.

Dip the toothbrush into that solution and scrub on the soles. Now, use a damp cloth to remove the excess. On the other hand, you can use baking soda to replace toothpaste, by adding a full spoon of baking soda and a bit of water to a bowl as long as the consistency is similar to toothpaste.

  • Clean your shoe surface
  1. Leather: Use a soft brush or a clean cloth so as to remove the debris on the surface after taking another clean damp cloth to wipe the leather. The next, use your forefinger and middle finger to take a bit of toothpaste. Rub on the leather surface. Utilize a dampened cloth to wipe away. Leave overnight. The purpose is to ensure that the leather will entirely dry.
  2. Canvas & others: Both the canvas and other materials have the same cleaning way. Combine soap and warm water. Dip a brush or clean cloth to that solution, then, start wiping. Let the air make them dry.
  • Clean shoelaces

Don’t clean the shoes and laces together. Let’s feel secure! This cleaning is very simple. Use a damp brush to scrub them. Even, you may also place them in your washing machine. Replace a new one if the shoelaces are worn out.

  • Clean insoles

Take out the insoles and begin cleaning like cleaning the shoes. Let them dry. Finally, sprinkle a little baking soda to deodorize before putting them back.

Despite likely using the washing machine to clean the insoles, they will quickly wear out. To avoid the risk, you should still clean by hand.

Use Washing Machine

  • Consider the recommendation of the manufacturer

Frequently, most manufacturers do not recommend to putting your shoes in a washing machine. If you apply, it means that you have accepted the risk.

  • Try the low-spin cycle

Set the cold or cool water. To minimize clanging, put several towels. Don’t use more detergent. You can wash the insoles with the shoes, but remember to remove them before placing in washing machine.

  • Dry the shoes

Don’t use the dryer to dry your shoes whether you are cleaning them with the washing machine. The insides of the shoes put a few newspapers. Place them in a sunny position as possible.

  • Turn on the heat

If your shoes have more stains, you can set the hot water with the low-spin cycle. In case you use a dryer, let’s set the low heat.

Last Words

Obviously, cleaning the basketball shoes is not difficult. Importantly, you choose a suitable method and know how to clean basketball shoes properly. With the expensive shoes, spend your time to clean by hand. If busy or reluctant, let use a washing machine because it is not a good option for your shoes.

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