Best Socks for Winter 2018 (Best Sellers & Highest Reviews)

Are you planning to keep warm this winter but have challenges because your feet are always cold? Are you having a hard time finding the right socks or even knowing which socks are the best socks for the winter? Have you already purchased all your winter gear and warm winter clothing, but your feet still get really cold once you step outdoors? If this sounds like something that you’re experiencing, then you may need a pair of the best socks for winter.

These socks tend to keep your feet warmer than regular socks. Although many socks look very similar, there are usually some major differences; especially as it relates to what the sock’s fabric and material are made from. These factors and more have an impact on your decision. You just may not be aware of the different options that are available to you.

Best Socks for Winter

Best Socks for Winter

Although it may seem simple enough to choose the best winter socks, picking out the right ones could actually be a bit confusing if you’re unaware of what to look out for. That’s why you need to have the best information available – so that you can make the best choice when shopping for winter socks. That’s why we’ve taken the time to put this guide together. Take a look at the information that we have provided below to learn more about the right way to go about choosing winter socks. That way it’ll simplify the process and help you make a much better and more informed decision.

Top 15 Best Socks for Winter Reviews

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What to Look for When Choosing Socks

One of the first things that you should consider is learning how to go about choosing socks. You’ll need to decide on which kind of socks you need based on the activities that you will be performing during the cold winter months. When choosing winter socks, they should also be based on whether or not you will be wearing them every day or for a specific purpose.

Other things to consider include how long you plan to wear the socks and how much stress and intensity will be put on your feet while you’re wearing them. Basically, you will need your socks to provide comfort while protecting your feet as well.

Other things to be concerned about include the fabric of the socks, the socks height, weight and the thickness of the socks (as well as how they fit in general.)

Another key point to consider is that the best winter socks have some form of thermal material interwoven into the sock’s fabric. It also should be made out of thick high-quality fabric that can easily conform to your foot’s shape.

The Height of the Sock

Having stated the above, it’s important to know the kind of socks you need to protect your feet. For example, if you will be wearing knee-high boots, a pair of long socks maybe more suitable for you. However, if you’re wearing shorter boots or shoes, your socks may not need to be as high depending on the type of activity that you will be performing.

The Fabric of the Sock

The fabric of the sock also plays a part in how warm it will keep your feet during the winter. Based on the fabric, you’ll find that some socks are more conducive to winter months than others. Consider the following types of fabric before making your selection.

  • 1. Nylon

The nylon sock is made of a mixture of different fabrics. It accounts for anywhere between 20 to 50% of the fabric used to produce nylon socks. The nylon fabric is what adds durability and strength of the sock.

  • 2. Acrylic

The acrylic sock is not as expensive as some of the other socks. It is made of versatile fabrics, has a lot of cushioning and is very comfortable to wear.

  • 3. Lycra, Spandex or Elastane Socks

The use of Lycra, Spandex or Elastane is made up of material that allows socks to stretch and have a perfect fit. The materials only account for anywhere between 2 to 5% of the socks overall fabric and are usually very thin in texture.

  • 4. Cotton

Most all cotton socks are made out of 100% pure cotton. They’re great for casual wear, however, but not for those whose activities cause them to work up a sweat. Mainly because cotton socks tend to trap moisture, which is even more of a problem for those whose feet perspire a lot. Cotton socks are very common and are probably one of the most affordable socks on the market.

  • 5. Merino Wool

The fabric used to create the Merino wool sock includes wool taken from the Merino sheep – mainly from New Zealand. This type of wool produces a yarn like fabric that is unbelievably soft to the touch. It is highly durable, does not cause itching and feels very cushiony when worn. In fact, the Merino wool sock is known to evaporate moister and eliminate odors.

The Sock’s Weight and Thickness

The thicker socks provide more cushioning, particularly those with a higher wool content. Also, the ticker they are the warmer they are as well.

Depending on what type of shoes you may be wearing, you may need to select socks with various thickness to accommodate your winter shoes. Some thicker socks make certain shoes seem too snug. When this is the case, the thinner socks may be a better option based on various factors.

Making Sure Socks are a Good Fit

It’s important to make sure that you get the right fit when selecting your socks. They obviously should be based on your shoe size so that they do not make your feet feel uncomfortable. They should fit rather snuggly, where the heel of your foot fits perfectly into the heel of the socks. The seams should always be flat and should not cause irritation in any way. Additionally, the socks should fit perfectly around the arch of your feet as well. If your activities require a lot of stress and tension to your feet, making sure your socks fit properly is even more important.

What Makes a Good Winter Sock?

If you have items such as a winter coat, winter boots, and earmuffs, but you don’t have the proper winter socks, you will still freeze.

Now that you have more information about how to go about choosing the best socks for the winter, below are some actual socks that we think are great and what the best winter socks consist of.

First and foremost, thermal socks are great for the winter. Any sock that has thermal blended into the fabric is considered a good winter sock (among some of the other elements as well), such as:

  • The ability to block and/or control odors through antimicrobial or other fibers
  • The ability to absorb moisture
  • Should have a good fit
  • Should be soft and comfortable
  • Should be cushioning, while offering arch support and moisture control
  • Should provide smooth looped heel and toe closures
  • Should have the ability to prevent the socks from rolling down through an elasticized ribbed cuff

Some of the best winter socks have these or similar benefits and features such as those indicate below.

Top Picks for Socks for the Winter

The socks listed below are considered some of the best socks for winter months based on the fibers and materials used to create them.

People Socks

People socks are made with 71% premium Australian Merino wool known to keep you’re your feet snug and warm in the dead of winter. These socks are also made with a blend of spandex, polyester, and nylon that reduces itching and minimizes odors. It has reinforced stitching around the toe and the heel for long lasting durability.

Because these cushioning socks are so thick and fluffy, they are best when worn with winter boots as opposed to regular shoes, where they may be too tight. They are great for women or men on a tight budget.

The Browning Hosiery Winter Socks

The Browning Hosiery winter socks are made for kids who enjoy being out in the snow as well as for adults. It is made with very high quality, thick Merino wool which makes up 40% of this sock’s fabric. These socks are also made with a mixture of nylon, acrylic, and spandex which provides the socks with its ability to stretch while conforming to the shape of your feet. It provides extra support along with an extra layer of thermal protection. It has a seam on the flat toe and arch support. This sock has venting on the instep which allows the fabric to breathe.

The Browning Hosiery winter socks provide a snug fit and comes in a two pack. The adult version of these socks includes a larger percentage of top grade Merino wool along with an extra blend of synthetic materials.

Darn Tough Men’s Hiker Boot Socks

The Darn Tough Men’s Hiker Boot Socks are made with a high-quality blend of Merino wool mixed with spandex and nylon known for helping the socks stretch to fit the shape of your feet. It is made with an invisible seam that provides support and a lot of cushioning. These socks have an extra thick wool weaving with fibers that provides excellent antimicrobial properties and moisture-wicking designed to fight against bacteria and perspiration to keep your feet dry and feeling fresh during the day. These comfortable yet durable socks are great for very harsh cold winter weather.

Carhartt Arctic Wool Socks

The Carhartt Arctic Wool Socks are made with a mixture of fabrics designed to keep your feet comfortable and warm. These socks include a blend of 1% Lycra, 6% nylon, 86% wool and 7% of other material and protective fabrics that provides thermal protection and comfort.

This sock is also made with a high wool content that is combined with Carhartt’s FastDry Technology which regulates itself based on your body’s temperature. It also provides cushioning to your feet while reducing odors.

These socks are designed to be worn with boots. It’s made with a non-terry vent and stretchy material. Its reinforced heel and toe allows the sock to resist abrasion – even after wearing the socks for long periods of time.

J.B. Icelandic Classic Winter Socks

The J.B. Icelandic Classic Winter Socks are made of a large percent (70%) of high grade, pre-shrunk – extra soft Merino wool and 30% of nylon fabrics. Together this blend of fabric both regulates itself based on your body’s temperature while reducing odors and helps maintain the shape of the sock so it provides a better fit. These socks are known to provide protection during extreme weather conditions (of up to-30 degrees.)

These socks come up to your knees and thus are great for boots. Their reinforced heel and its X-HI provide great cushion and support.

To conclude, we wanted to also point out that there are so many choices to make when selecting winter socks, so it’s very easy to make a mistake. That’s why we put this guide together – so that people can become more informed and can, as a result, make much better decisions when purchasing warm winter socks. Many people think that most socks are the same and provide the same level of comfort, support and warmth during the winter, but that’s not true. We think that the socks with material that have some level of thermal, plus a good blend of fabrics such as Merino wool, spandex, nylon Lycra, and elastane make the best winter socks. Socks made out of these materials offer a lot of benefits and features that also provide the feet with what it needs during the cold winter months – regardless of whether you need them for work or for play.

Because socks made using these fabrics are so versatile, they can be worn during the coldest months and when performing the most intense activities. Hopefully, you have found this review to be helpful when deciding on what to look for when purchasing a pair of winter socks. Choosing the right pair will keep your feet from freezing. Whether the socks are for the kids, teens, males or females, knowing what to look for will help you pick the best socks for winter for everyone in the family. That way everyone’s feet will be well protected, dry and warm.

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