Top 10 Best Shoes For Teachers 2018 (Best Sellers & Highest Reviews)

There is a vast number of professions that require workers to stand for several hours at a time. Among those professions, one of the most demanding is, without a doubt, that of teaching. For that reason, it’s not surprising that there is a booming industry that focuses on creating the best shoes for teachers. Capable of alleviating the tension, strain and pressure that are caused by standing all day, these shoes are great for the kind of active lifestyle that demands teachers to be on their feet during most of their working hours.

Best Shoes for Teachers

Best Shoes for Teachers

Teacher shoes are a modality of standing all day shoes that adapts itself to the demanding lifestyle of the aforementioned profession. Capable of enduring the hardships of a line of work that requires constant vigilance, the best shoes for teachers provide comfort while protecting your feet from potential injuries. As if that wasn’t good enough, they have the ability to reduce stress and tiredness, making long working days much easier to endure.

At this point, more than one person will be wondering how to go about choosing the best pair of teacher shoes. With them in mind, the present guide will go over everything a teacher should be aware of before buying a pair of working shoes. Additionally, it will provide helpful tips and strategies that will guarantee choosing the perfect pair of shoes for teachers.

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How to Choose the Best Shoes for Teachers

What Are Teacher Shoes?

A variation of standing all day shoes, teacher shoes are ergonomic and comfortable footwear that reduce the negative effects that are caused by being on your feet for prolonged periods of time. They are usually cushioned but firm due to a specially-constructed sole made from resin-based materials.

Simultaneously, teacher shoes tend to be open and breathable, provided with plenty of space for the toes. Many models of teacher shoes also have special pressure points that are designed to relieve pain and tiredness from standing and walking for prolonged periods of time. At the same time, they tend to have shock-absorbent soles that reduce the force of impacts and protect the feet from bad landings.

Besides alleviating the kind of tension, strain and pressure that are caused by standing, shoes for teachers provide protection against external elements without restricting mobility. Furthermore, wearing the best shoes for teachers results in wonderful health benefits in both short-term and long-term bases. Including improved blood circulation and posture, these health benefits create positive results that extend to other aspects of life.

Why Should You Consider Buying Teacher Shoes?

If you are a teacher, there’s a good chance you would value anything that will help you get through the day in a better shape. Shoes for teachers are just that thing, helping educators make it through a day of hard work with less discomfort, pain and stress. Besides being extra comfortable and helping teachers stand for longer without problems, the best shoes for teachers have positive health effects. Among others, the health benefits of teacher shoes include decreased stress, improved blood circulation, improved posture and even a reduction in the swelling of joints.

As if their direct benefits were not enough, shoes for teachers have been also shown to greatly reduce tension and stress, resulting in a better mood during work hours. Of course, this better mood often translates itself to a more satisfactory professional performance. This reduction in tiredness, pain and tension also have the amazing advantage of increasing productivity during the day. In short, a good pair of shoes for teachers will save you from suffering pain and discomfort during long working days while gradually improving your health and professional output.

What Are the Benefits and Advantages of Teacher Shoes?

  • Improved health: As was previously mentioned, shoes for teachers offer than just cushioning and pain relief. Used for prolonged periods of time, they can promote a healthier blood circulation. At the same time, they can help gradually (but surely) improve body posture, resulting in benefits to the muscles and joints as well. Amazingly, far from concentrating on the inferior extremities, these benefits extend to the entire body, particularly the back and neck.
  • Reduced tension, stress and fatigue: Standing for hours at a time can be very harmful if your shoes do not offer the proper type of support, balance and cushioning. Apart from pain, a bad posture and a poor stand can generate physical tension that is later translated to mental stress and fatigue. In order to get rid of this problem, shoes for teachers promote a firm but soft standing. Simultaneously, they help teachers naturally find the correct (and healthy) body posture.
  • Increased productivity: As a result of decreasing bodily tension, stress, pain and fatigue, shoes for teachers can have the added benefit of increasing productivity during work hours. Even though we normally associate comfort to relaxation, it has been shown to be as important during working hours. As a matter of fact, comfort and painlessness are directly associated with a worker’s ability to focus and be efficient during a long working day. Of course, this results in less stress, which in turn create a better and more productive mood throughout the day.
  • Protection against injuries: Like all work footwear, shoes for teachers have it as of their main goals to protect the feet against external elements and different kind of impact. However, due to their flexibility and softness, teacher for shoes also prevent self-caused injuries such as twisted ankles or sprained legs. At the same time, due to a high level of shock-absorbent properties, a good pair of teachers shoes protects the feet against continuous impact, preventing bruising of the bottom of the feet and other related injuries.
  • Increased mobility: Besides being protective and comfortable, teacher shoes tend to be highly flexible and unrestrictive. As a result, they promote a smoother and more fluid mobility at all times. At the same time as being flexible, this kind of shoes tends to give the perfect amount of grip, helping maintain stability while moving swiftly and efficiently.
  • Better mood: In addition to reducing stress and increasing productivity, a good pair of teacher shoes has the added benefit of improving your mood, resulting in more satisfactory working days. Of course, the extra comfort that is provided by a good pair of shoes for teachers is also capable of putting a smile on your face.

What Should You Look For in a Pair of Teacher Shoes?

  • A heel of the correct height: For a reason that is not entirely clear, many people believe that flat shoes are the most comfortable. That is completely false since flat shoes force the feet to maintain an unnatural position that results in tension and pain. As a matter of fact, various studies conducted by orthopedics, doctors and occupational therapists have shown that the foot is at its most relaxed and natural position when the shoe has a heel of at least a quarter inch. It is also important to point out that shoes that are too tall can also cause the foot to maintain an unnatural position that will inevitably cause problems in the near future. As a result, experts recommend not wearing shoes with heels that exceed two inches in height.
  • Toe space: One of the worst effects that standing all day has on your feet is causing them to swell. This happens due to an accumulation of lymphatic fluid that tends to go to the feet due to the action of gravity. Consequently, it’s important to choose teacher shoes that have a healthy amount of extra toe space.
  • Weight: For obvious reasons, shoes that are too heavy create an added strain on your lower extremities. In the long run, this extra stain can cause fatigue and pain. In addition, heavy shoes can diminish agility and fluidity of your movements, resulting in clumsiness and even accidents.
  • Breathability of the materials: In order to maintain their freshness and avoid their excessive sweating, it’s important to choose teacher shoes that allow your feet to breathe. This characteristic is referred to as breathability, and it depends mostly on the texture of the materials that are used to create the shoe.
  • Supportive, shock-absorbing soles: Jobs that require workers to stand and walk around all day long tend to generate a huge amount of impact on the feet, particularly on the sole of the foot. For that reason, it’s hugely helpful to wear shoes that have a shock-absorbent sole that is also firm enough to provide a good amount of support.
  • Good arch support: Each person is different, and that includes the arches of their feet. In order to get shoes with the perfect arch support, it’s important to know whether you have flat, normal or high-arched feet. Additionally, there is the possibility of using custom-made insoles for a perfect, personalized fit.

Things to Consider When Buying a Pair of Teacher Shoes

  • Lining: There is no doubt that working all day in a standing position will cause your feet to sweat. Besides being uncomfortable, sweat can accumulate and create the necessary conditions for bad odor, fungus and infections to develop. As a result, it’s important to choose shoes with a lining that is easy to wipe down and clean regularly.
  • Padding: In order to be as comfortable as possible, it’s important to choose shoes for teachers that have a decent amount of padding. However, too much padding can create bulkiness, reducing mobility. Lately, special materials that have air vesicles have been used to generate extra padding without added weight or heftiness.
  • Securing system: There are different types of securing systems to keep shoes firmly in place. Without a doubt, shoelaces and velcro are the most popular. However, there are different types of both forms of securing system. There are also other securing systems that may be worth looking into such as buckles and buttons.


After reading through every point in this guide, people who were on the fence regarding shoes for teachers will surely have the information they need to make up their minds. There is no doubt that teacher shoes are great for educators and other professionals that need to stand during the vast majority of their working hours. Anyone who knows the pain and fatigue that is caused by being on your feet for hours at a time will surely appreciate this sentiment.

Apart from being comfortable, the best shoes for teachers provide a series of benefits that will greatly improve the quality of life of educators and other professionals. Health benefits such as better blood pressure and posture are, without a doubt, at the top of the list. At the same time, an increase in mobility, protection and even productivity will surely turn many heads. As if that wasn’t enough, the best shoes for teachers have been proven to be capable of reducing tension and stress, helping teachers lead happier, more satisfying lives.

In order to choose the perfect pair of teacher shoes for you, simply follow the guidelines that were given earlier. Even though all teacher shoes promise total comfort, take factors such as toe space, breathability, shock-absorbance and arch support very seriously before settling on a pair. Apart from these general considerations, take personal factors such as your type of feet and place of work very much into account in order to guarantee the shoes you choose will work for you in the long run. In terms of brands and models, you can visit the review section of this guide in order to get information that will help you make the right purchase.

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