Best Shoes For Standing All Day 2018 (Best Sellers & Highest Reviews)

In today’s world, there are many jobs that require workers to be on their feet throughout the entire day. Standing for prolonged periods of time can be extremely tiring and energy consuming. This is particularly true for your feet as they carry your whole body weight when you are in a standing position.

Best Shoes for Standing All Day

Best Shoes for Standing All Day

Without a doubt, this is even worse for workers who are required to carry heavy objects. Due to the constant and unrelenting strain that is placed on them, your feet can really suffer after continuous working under these conditions. For that reason, the type of shoes that is worn during working hours can really make a difference. As a matter of fact, shoes that have not been designed for prolonged standing up periods of time can make the problem worse, causing added strain and pressure that often result in pain and discomfort.

Apart from causing these problems, a bad pair of shoes can limit movement and increase energy consumption, resulting in fatigue and even stress. As if that was not bad enough, continuous activity under this type of conditions can lead to serious health problems. Luckily, all these problems can be resolved by wearing the right pair of shoes for standing all day. Reducing strain and promoting healthy and natural movements, this type of ergonomic shoes can greatly improve your performance and health during active hours. With that in mind, the present guide will provide you useful information on how to choose the right pair of standing all day shoes for you.

Best Shoes for Standing All Day on Your Feet

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How To Choose The Best Shoes For Standing All Day

What Are Standing All Day Shoes?

Most shoes are meant to be worn all day long without a problem. However, this calculation is made with the assumption that the person using the shoes will be either very active (running or playing sports, for example) or mostly sitting. Even though this may work perfectly well for many, there are people who, given their profession, need to be standing up for many hours at a time. For that reason, shoe manufacturers all over the world offer their customers shoes for standing all day.

Due to their special design, standing all day shoes greatly reduce the amount of strain and discomfort a person will experience after standing up and walking around all day long. Besides being comfortable and ergonomic, these shoes are also able to protect your feet from pressure-related injuries. Additionally, they help reduce the strain that is placed on your joints and muscles when you are on your feet for many continuous hours, preventing various health problems. As if that wasn’t enough, they can promote a healthy and fluid blood circulation.

What Are the Most Popular Types of Standing All Day Shoes Available in the Market?

  • Crocs: Due to their simple, open and low-heeled design, Crocs are among the most comfortable and breathable standing all day shoes in the market. Normally made out of resin-based solid foam materials such as EVA foam, they are cushioning enough to be forgiving on the feet without forcing unnatural positioning of the feet. At the same time, these materials tend to be greatly shock-absorbent, reducing the amount of impact and preventing lesions.
  • Clogs: Without a doubt, clogs are the most traditional type of standing all day shoes. To this day, they are highly popular among professionals in the health service industry such as nurses. Due to their support and stability, clogs are great for people who stand on hard surfaces like concrete. There are different types of clogs, some being more open than others. However, all clogs are spacious and breathable. Many models also provide tension-relief by applying a gentle pressure to certain points of your foot.
  • Tennis Shoes: Often, people who have jobs that require them to stand for prolonged periods of time need to be ready to perform athletic activities at certain moments. Without a doubt, people like this can greatly benefit from wearing a good pair of standing all day shoes. Offering a healthy balance between comfort and protection, standing all day tennis shoes are the go-to option for many people. This is particularly true for those who have very active jobs that require them to move quickly efficiently.
  • Sneakers: Very similarly to tennis shoes, sneakers offer a good balance between comfort, support and protection. However, sneakers tend to be lighter, offering less stability and grip but a wider range of movement. At the same time, sneakers tend to be more versatile, adapting easily to many types of situations that include casual ones.

What are the Benefits of Using Standing All Day Shoes?

  • Comfort at work: Without a doubt, one of the most important benefits someone can get from using standing all day shoes is added comfort during the arduousness of daily work. This is important not only for maintaining a good mood during work hours but also for reducing stress.
  • Improved health: As was previously mentioned, wearing the wrong pair of shoes during long working hours can lead to different health problems. Apart from injuries affecting the feet, ankles and legs, bad shoes can cause blood circulation and posture problems that will get worse over time. Even worse, after prolonged use, they can cause deformities that will result in chronic pain and various performance issues.
  • Higher productivity: Throughout the years, various studies have confirmed that people are much more productive at work when they are comfortable. At the same time, due to their stress-reducing effects, standing all day shoes can greatly improve your mood during working hours, also resulting in increased productivity.

How to Choose a Pair of Standing All Day Shoes

After going through their benefits, it comes as no surprise that there is a huge number of brands that have decided to get into the production of standing all day shoes. However, not all standing all day shoes models are the same. In order to know how to choose a pair of these shoes, it’s very important to be aware of the main differences between them:

  • Heel: Quite mistakenly, many people believe that shoes that are completely flat provide the most comfort. However, studies have found that the optimal arch support comes from shoes with heels that measure a minimum of a quarter-inch. However, heels that are too long can also be harmful, particularly to posture. It’s not recommended to get anything with a heel above 2 inches in height.
  • Toe space: One of the negative side-effects of standing all day is a swelling of the feet. This is caused by lymphatic fluids accumulating at the bottom of your body due to gravity. Because of this potential swelling, it’s important to choose a pair of standing all day shoes that have a lot of toe space.
  • Arch support: In order to guarantee comfort, a pair of shoes needs to offer appropriate arch support. What this means can vary according to each person’s physical attributes. The type of physical activity that is performed can also affect arches differently.
  • Weight: For obvious reasons, shoes that are too heavy will cause added strain, often resulting in soreness, tension and other physical problems. In light of this fact, most manufacturers that produce standing all day shoes favor lightweight materials that are also durable such as nylon mesh.
  • Lining: Everyone knows that feet tend to sweat profusely, particularly during long work hours that involve intense physical activity. For that reason, the type of material that is used to line the interior of a shoe is very important. It should be breathable without being flimsy. In name of comfort, it should also be soft and lightweight. At the same time, it should facilitate an easy wiping off of the sweat. This is particularly important as accumulated sweat can cause bad odors, fungus and even infections over time.
  • Securing: The system that is used to secure a pair of standing all day shoes will always have repercussions upon their effectivity. Systems such as velcro holders and laces are often more effective at securing the shoe in its place without affecting movement or creating added pressure.
  • Padding and soles: Anyone who has had to stand up for hours at a time knows that comfortable soles and adequate padding can make a huge difference. A good pair of soles is one that is soft and comfortable enough to reduce strain but firm enough to promote a natural posture both walking and standing up. Some of the most innovative standing all day shoes use technologies such as air vesicles in order to provide extra comfort and reduce pressure.
  • Affordability: As with anything, one of the most important factors to take into account when choosing a pair of standing all day shoes is affordability. There are shoes of this kind of various prices that range from extremely cheap to incredibly expensive. With that in mind, it is always a good idea to take pricing into account when trying to choose between different models of standing all day shoes.

Factors to Take Into Account When Shopping For Standing All Day Shoes

Despite the quality and special characteristics of any given model, customers should take into account a few factors that affect them personally when wearing a pair of standing all day shoes:

  • Workplace conditions: Because it determines the type of movements you will make during the day, taking into account the nature of your workplace is crucial for choosing the best shoes for standing all day. Floor surfaces are important as they can affect the type of movements you make and the way those movements affect your body. It’s also important to take into account the texture of floor surfaces in your workplace, for example favoring shoes with a powerful grip in case of slippery ones.
  • Feet arches type: Essentially, there are three types of feet arches: Flat, normal or high. Depending on your particular type of feet arches, you should pick standing all day shoes that are both comfortable and prevents unwanted pressure.
  • Orthopedic recommendations: Even though most people can easily identify their type of feet and, consequently, easily decide what the best type of shoe for them is, there are those who suffer from conditions that complicate the situation. Taking that into consideration, those who suffer from feet-related problems can greatly benefit from having a professional examine their feet and recommend a particular model or brand.


After going through every point in this guide, there is no doubt that owning a good pair of shoes for standing all day brings comfort, pleasure and health benefits that are worth pursuing. As a matter of fact, shoes for standing all day are a must for active, energetic and hard working individuals that need to be on their feet throughout the entire day. Without a doubt, a good pair of shoes for standing all day can prevent people of all ages from suffering pain and discomfort every day.

When choosing a pair of standing all day shoes, it’s important to know the difference between crocs, clogs, tennis shoes and sneakers. Equally important is the ability to recognize the most important features and characteristics that every pair of standing all day shoes should have. Among a few others, characteristics such as heel type and size, sole padding, toe space and securing system should be very much taken into account.

Without a doubt, you should always consider your personal and unique conditions before making a decision. These include workplace environment, type of feet arches and any medical conditions that affect your lower extremities. If you want to know more about the best models and brands of shoes for standing all day, be sure to check out the review sections of this guide.

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