Everything You Need to Know to About the Best Shoes for Back Pain

The basic foundation of the whole body is your feet. They govern how the body behaves, and although they impact on how you look and feel, and are a show of style and class, they can also affect your comfort and physical performance. The wrong type of shoe has an impact on a range of complaints and health issues. Not only do they contribute to knee pains, but a majority of back pains.

The body is like a chain. What occurs to your feet affects the biomechanics of the strides you take. This, in turn, affects your stance, and possibly, the amount of shockwaves that travel through the body.

Best Shoes for Back Pain

Best Shoes for Back Pain

So, if you suffer from back pain, don’t rule out the possibility that the cause is your footwear. Changing to the appropriate footwear might be the solution. With that in mind, how do you know that the shoe you are buying is the right one?

Many people still think that back pain shoes have a particular style and shape. They liken them to orthopedic shoes that are awkward to wear because they are big and bulky. Although this was true at one time, it is not the case anymore. Nowadays, the shoes are much easier to find. Even ones that seamlessly blend with your dressing code. The shoes look classy, but do not cause back foot, ankle or knee pain. They have a design that provides proper support for your feet, have the right amount of cushioning and are very flexible.

The following guide has everything you need to know in choosing the best shoe for back pains.

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What are Back Pain Shoes?

The spine, together with other bones in the body, relies on the foot to make an appropriate posture. The incorrect body posture is sometimes as a result of the wrong footwear, and it causes back pains. According to expert American Chiropractic Association, 31 million Americans experience low-back pain at any given time. The best way to treat or prevent it is by use of back pain shoes.

Back pain shoes are customized unique footwear designed to help improve a person’s gait and posture. They also cushion the impact transferred to the spine during movement. These footwear types may be whole shoes or inserts that are placed in existing shoes. They are also referred to as orthotic shoes.

Some of the shoes specialized in treating back pains can be costly with some even custom ordered. Don’t be duped into spending a lot, when there are less expensive options that provide even better results at a lower price.

What Should You Consider in Choosing a Back Pain Shoe?

Type, Style, and Purpose of the Shoe

There’s a treasure trove of shoes for back pain that look great and are super comfortable. They give you the support you need for the spine to stay in its current shape. The shoes come in a broad range of styles that provide something beneficial for everyone. The soles can be flexible, rigid or even designed from a comfortable gel for extra softness.

Shoes can be tailored towards applications like athletics, work or even dressing. In fact, some are specifically designed to suit the demands of particular activities, such as cycling, walking, running, standing or even weight training. The choice of style is dependent on you.

There are some types of shoes that you need to avoid if you want to keep your body free from back pain. Shoes that make you stand in awkward positions like heels or those that do not provide proper support like flats and flip-flops are few examples to avoid.

Opt for supportive shoes that are highly flexible and have enough cushioning for the feet. Examples of these types of footwear include running shoes, tennis shoes, and sneakers. They work relatively well. But still, not all types of such shoes guarantee support, which is why you should ensure that the shoes you buy have an impeccable design.

If you are engaged in various actives, bear in mind that the shoe you buy isn’t appropriate for all of them. Some shoes are unique to a particular workout. For the same reason that heels are terrible for running, you should make sure that you have the appropriate type. Don’t use walking shoes for running, for example.

Remember that the amount of cushion each shoe has varies. This is why when you are buying the shoes for walking around, factor in the terrain you are going to traverse. As an example, get shoes that provide extra cushioning at the bottom if you will be running or standing on concrete. If you are consistently engaged in hiking, you will want to buy boots that back up the ankles as well as your feet bottom.


Arches are responsible for back pains particularly in people who are constantly on their feet. The arch shape varies from one individual to another. Feet with flat shape contribute highly to the development of the condition. This is because arches are shock absorbers responsible for maintaining the pressure that originates from the upper body. After determining the exact shape of your arch, look for matching shoes.

Look closely at the arch shape of the shoe you want to buy. Does it correspond well with the natural arch of your foot? One size doesn’t fit all. Some people don’t even have similar arches on both of their feet. Don’t assume that because it fits your friend perfectly, it will look amazing on you.

If you have flat feet, preventing back pain is made possible by proper arches in the shoes you choose. Because the support doesn’t only absorb shock, all the weight exerted by the body becomes evenly distributed. This helps in minimizing pressure if you walk a lot.


How necessary flexibility is to a back pain chair can never be overstated. When you are seeking the best shoes for lower back pain, flexibility is another important factor to consider. The greater the flexibility, the less the strain and suffering will be on your spine when you move around. It ensures that your toes can flex and your ankles can flex with ease.

As a recommendation, it is important to keep away from shoes that make your toes squeeze together. In some women shoes, the toes are forced to converge to a point. Some men models have the same effect as well. Toes provide balance and support. It, therefore, is a bad idea to shove them into a point.


Some people are obsessed with looking good when buying walking or running shoes to consider other features. Only a bunch of them will care enough to examine if the shoe fits well and if it will help them run better and reduce or prevent potential back pains. If you don’t want to experience lower back pains or any pain at all, it is that important, but what’s the big deal?

Shoes designed for back pain are meant to fit impeccably along the length and the width of your foot. Apart from back pains, a poorly fitting shoe causes severe ailments such a bunions or callus. These conditions interfere with the biomechanics and the steadiness of your foot. Eventually, your spine will feel the effect too.

All these unnecessary problems can be avoided or prevented. Make sure that the running, walking or training shoes you select are flawlessly fitting to your feet.


Shop for shoes that are equipped with the correct types of insoles regardless of the activity you are engaged in. Good quality insoles will have the following features:

  • Back pain insoles have a soft design and feel. They are also elegant in appearance.
  • Insoles, like the shoe itself, should be of the perfect size. Maximum stability is provided to the feet this way. Long or short insoles tend to interfere with feet stability, which will eventually cause back pains.
  • Appropriate insoles also provide optimum gripping capacity. Without this, the natural alignment of the spine will be compromised due to constant jerking forward or slipping as one runs or walks.
  • Make sure that the insoles are certified. They are guaranteed to work well.

Seal of Acceptance

You may not be aware that there are shoes designed specifically and tested to look, feel and fit well, especially if you’ve not been buying shoes for back pain. If you seek shoes that have optimal performance, look for a seal of acceptance. It is a sign that the shoe has been approved and properly tested. As a result, you can rest assured that the footwear will work properly. Such a selection is from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Bad Shoes Cause Back Pain?

Feet, as mentioned earlier, are foundational structures that have the ability to shift the spinal cord. When the alignment of your body is out of the ordinary, or is subjected to change, it leads to lower back pains. The condition, if not treated immediately, may eventually be severe, hindering normal body activities.

There are other causes of back pains. However, bad footwear is another factor. Tight fitting shoes, improper types, or even ones with the wrong insoles distort the body balance, and in turn, the spine.

It is important to note that spinal cord problem will keep getting worse. A mild lower back pain may quickly escalate to a fatal spine injury or a severe disorder if dismissed as unimportant.

Benefits the Right Shoes for Back Pain Provide

The best shoes provide exceptional arch support that significantly reduces back pain. The support creates a healthy environment for the feet. This is exactly what the spinal cord needs to maintain posture and healthy alignment. Here are additional benefits.

  • The right footwear ensures that the plantar fascia is not subjected to too much stress or overuse. It simply does this by supporting the fascia ligament.
  • The right shoes provide maximum shock absorption to the feet. It does so by using properly cushioned insoles and midsoles.
  • The shoes also relieve one of overpronation especially if the shoes are equipped with motion control features.
  • The right footwear corrects the awkward way in which some people walk. A decent amount support to the arch helps eliminate this problem, which could, over time, develop into a standard form of walking.
  • Apart from contributing to a healthy spine, in the long run, the shoes also provide protection for the feet against potential damage.

Taking Care of the Shoes

Back pain shoes do not last forever regardless of the quality. Even the best of them eventually wear out and lose the appropriate support. For example, good quality shoes tend to last for a year if you are an active athlete. It is important to repair and or replace insoles appropriately.

Finally, if you can’t find the right shoes for back pain, some sellers can custom design them for you. You can order from them.


Many people flock to the doctors as a result of back pain. Typically, most of them assume that the cause is aging or an injury. However, there’s one factor that they rule out, the shoes. Shoes also cause lower back pain.

It is evident that the market is flooded with the type of shoes that can be worn as the best shoes for the condition. But don’t be fooled. Not all of them are good for you. Make sure that you try them on to see how they fit before deciding to buy a pair. Always consider the type, the size, the seal of acceptance, flexibility, insoles and the arches. Other factors to look out for include rigidity, the style, durability and the price.

It doesn’t matter if you want shoes for running, walking, weight training or any other kind of sport. Support is mandatory. What this means is that the shoes will help reduce or hinder the development of back pains or injuries. They will also improve your stability. The right footwear will give your spine the proper support it requires, and who knows, you may finally get relief from lower back pains.

There you have it. This review is critical in ensuring you make an informed decision on the type of best shoes for back pain that will meet all your needs. Out of all the shoes available, you finally can choose a high-quality shoe that guarantees maximum performance confidently, knowing it is worth the value of your money.

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